Fractured Veil

An ongoing project, Fractured Veil is a multiplayer game set 100 years in the future on Maui. Beautiful, violent, recivilization. Players will joyfully struggle to survive and recolonize the fractures. Nohona for us all.

  • Role As a level designer / technical artist I am responsible for shaping the landscape, building the locations while keeping performance acceptable and our visuals pretty.
  • For Ironbelly Studios
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The post apocalyptic Hawaiian island of Maui is filled with hostile creatures, especially at night.

A dynamic system keeps our world lit both day and night.

In order to get our landscape like this real world data was used from a part of the actual island: an 8km x 8 km area on a 1:1 scale.

I set up a custom workflow using QGIS and WorldMachine and broke up the landscape in 64 tiles of 1kmĀ². Above you can see the generated area. A landscape material in UE4 is blends layers based on the real life color variations in satellite imagery.

Here is a top-down real world satellite composite image to compare.

Every in-game day, the server generates properties for that day.

Together with the engineering team I was tasked to create a dynamic system hooking into these variables.

The clouds are generated by the third-party tool TrueSky heavily tweaked to our needs.

Sunset, sunrise, fogginess, rain. Temperature, humidity, cloudiness, time.

Along with careful artistic calibration: each day becomes truly unique.

Fractured Veil is still under development, you can check out the very active blog over at