EU Parliament Exhibition

From start to finish, I worked together with the design agency BUMP in Antwerp to create two playful and informative escaperoom-themed minigames.

  • Role Game Developer
  • Date May 2018
  • Project Lead Fleishman Hillard

The exhibition was temporary, physically built on location in a single day and functional for 3. Designed to be waterproof as it worked 8 hours straight on autopilot.

Together we worked on solid gameplay elements that were easy to learn, providing the end users with a fun short experience. Through such gameplay, people got to learn real world concepts.

The physical and digital parts were developed alongside. Four components made up the experience:

  1. Info we wanted to convey

  2. The architecture, design and aesthetic of the exhibition

  3. The custom interactive hardware components

  4. The digital game and its mechanics

The team planned each part of the development way ahead.

Part 4 was my entire responsibility:

  • Designing the game mechanics

  • Creating the blueprint and art in Unreal Engine 4

  • Setting up the general hardware, virtual reality and ball-projection system

  • The UE4 side of websocket communication with the custom microcontrollers for lights and physical input